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Charlotte Giacopazzi

Founder & Creative Director

Making Dreams Come True

Charlotte Giacopazzi has run Tartan Kipper for many years, as an artist, designer and stylist.

Before that, Charlotte worked in Edinburgh styling and organising weddings and parties. 

Her creative flair and attention to detail makes her a great choice of person to help with your wedding...Plus she lives on site, knows it like the back of her hand, and gets REALLY over excited!

Turning a Vision into Reality

Have you ever pored over Pinterest or cut out from magazines, knowing what you like, but have no idea how to put it together or achieve the look?

That's where Charlotte comes in. 


Her understanding of colour, form, style, and your personality, COMBINED with a realistic understanding of budget, can help bring your vision to life!

in the back yard of the old villa there is a long festive table, which is decorated with l
Wedding decor, bottles with flowers on green background.jpg

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Anyone who knows Charlotte will tell you she's a perfectionist. 

However, this doesn't mean everything has to be prescriptive nor conforming to convention...No!

Charlotte's ideas are quirky, different and tailor made for you...

That's why she puts so much emphasis on getting it just right!

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